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Sunday 24 July 2016

Child of the 80's: Movies

The 80's was the decade of my birth so obviously I have a soft spot for all things 80's but one thing I think we can all agree on is that the 80's had THE best movies. This was the decade when the traditional summer blockbuster really took off.

Family movies were huge hits in the 80's and are still some of the best movies to watch with your kids. Here are some of my favourites.

The Goonies - 1985

A group of kids in small town America go on an adventure after finding a treasure map in the attic. Avoiding the booby traps and escaping the the evil Fratellis in search of One Eyed Willy's fortune. I've watched this film so many times I could probably quote it word for word but it's still great fun and one of my all time favourite movies. #heyyouguys

Ferris Bueller's day off - 1986

Ferris fakes an illness and has a great day instead of being stuck at school. What kid wouldn't want to watch a movie about tricking your parents into letting you stay home from school and then having fun with your friends. I remember watching this for the first time and wishing Ferris was my friend (I wasn't cool enough to think I could BE Ferris). #saveferris

Back to the Future - 1985

Marty Mcfly goes back in time and meets his parents but in doing so stops them from falling in love, so he has to get them together and find a way to get back home. Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd are both brilliant and the supporting cast are also great playing both teenage kids in the 50's and the grown up versions in the 80's. This is just about the best movie produced in the 80's. #greatscott

Some of the films I love from the 80's were not suitable for kids and I often wonder, as Harry will be turning 10 soon, should I let him watch some of these next films as I definitely watched them when I was younger than him.

Aliens -1986

Probably one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, arguably the best sequel of all time. Aliens is an action packed war movie set on a distant planet. Sigourney Weaver's Ripley returns to LV-426 this time with a squad of Colonial Marines to face off against the titular Xenomorphs. #gameovermangameover

The Terminator - 1984

A cyborg from the future is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of the leader of the human resistance to stop him being born. The movie that launched Arnold Schwarzenegger into superstardom, It is his best film and in my opinion this film is superior to it's much acclaimed sequel.  #illbeback

Robocop - 1987

When Officer Alex Murphy is fatally wounded on duty for the Detroit Police Department, he is rebuilt as the future of law enforcement, Robocop. This film was rated 18 when it was released in the UK but I remember having all the toys for it. Now you very rarely get an 18 rated movie these days but I think if you did you wouldn't get a range of toys accompanying it (which is a shame, I think). #idbuythatforadollar

Whilst writing this post I could've listed dozens more films and written 5 or 6 posts so I think I'll definitely revisit this in the future with more of my favourite 80's movies. Let me know what your favourite 80's movies were and what you think of my choices.

Well, that's all for now.



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  1. I'm a 90s baby but the Goonies is a brilliant movie! Katie X


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