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Thursday 22 June 2017

Rockliffe Hall: A Spa day from a man's perspective

I like to think that I'm a pretty chilled out dude. But every now and then even I need time to relax and recently Mrs. Cool told me we were having a day at Rockliffe Hall, a five star luxury hotel, spa and golf course in Darlington, County Durham. Spa days are not what most blokes think of when looking for something to do to relax but I love them. Having three kids aged 10 and under there times when I just need some quiet time and a spa day if perfect for that.

We arrived at around 10am and I was immediately impressed by the grounds, we headed to reception and checked in. We were taken to the dining area as brunch was served before we went to the spa. I was expecting the brunch to be a buffet or continental style but boy was I wrong. The menu is extensive, with sausage or bacon sandwiches, full english and various egg dishes as well as a selection of pastries. I went for the Eggs Benedict (my favourite) and Mrs Cool had a Bacon Sandwich and we shared some Croissant and Pain aux Raisin and all were delicious.

When we were finished our Brunch we headed to the locker rooms to get changed. You enter the Spa from the locker room into the Pool. The Pool is a decent size and has several loungers around the edge, you can have complimentary water (and flavoured water, the choice on the day were were there was ginger and honey) there is also a bar here where you can buy other drinks.

I swam a few lengths of the pool while Mrs. Cool perused the latest copy of Cosmopolitan and then we decided to take advantage of the Garden as it was an unexpectedly sunny day. We sipped our water and I had a leaf through GQ (and obviously wanted to buy everything that was out of my price range) and then we had a dip in the hot tub.

Adjacent to the Pool is a hydro pool which has several massage stations and water jets, there was also a foot spa here where you can alternate soaking your feet in hot and cold water. Mrs. Cool enjoyed the Tepidarium which was a hot room with heated tile beds for you to lie on. Next was my favourite part of the day, at either side of the foot spa is the Igloo and the Sauna. The idea is to alternate between the two, we went into the Igloo first and it was as cold as you would expect, there is an ice fountain where you rub ice all over your body and then you head over to the sauna for 10 minutes and then repeat the process 2 more times. Alternating between hot and cold was very invigorating, Mrs. Cool doesn't really like the cold but I loved this part of the day. Next up was a steam room called the Caldarium and then we went back to the sauna one for time before it was time to leave.

After getting changed and collecting my things I was amazed by a handy little gadget in the locker room for drying your trunks. I just popped my wet trunks in the machine held down the lid and minute later my trunks were dry and ready to go straight in my bag. I love a little bit of tech.

Well, That's all for now.



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  1. Looks lush, me and James love a pamper day (I'm sure he'll love me for telling you that!). We've never been to Rockcliffe Hall Spa but we've had afternoon tea there and it's VERY good. Might have to combine the two on our next visit, now that would be bliss!


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