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Thursday 14 September 2017

5 Things that happen when you and your partner both work from home

Working from home can be great, you don't have the rush hour commute to work, you can take a break whenever you want and you choose your office environment such as furniture and decoration. It’s not all sunshine and roses though, especially when both you and your partner use the house as your office. Living and working in close proximity can lead to disagreements from time to time. I’ve compiled a list of the top five things that Mrs Cool and I are most likely to lock horns about:

1. One person is always tasked with making the coffee. 

I’m a recent convert to coffee but I am a bit of a coffee snob and my preferred drink is an Espresso. I enjoy them so much I decided to get myself an Espresso machine a few months ago. Mrs Cool is happy to have instant coffee (although she only likes the expensive kind) but she prefers an Americano. Our machine isn’t hard to use and can easily make an Espresso and an Americano at the same time but it seems to be beyond Mrs Cool as it’s always Muggins here who has to make the coffee.

2. Someone always hogs the office desk 

Mrs Cool started working from home long before I did and it was Sam who decided to get an office desk. However now we both often work from home there can be a bit of a race to get set up at the desk first. I often lose this race and am relegated to the dining table, I think it won't be long until I get my own desk and I have my eye on a few here.

3. You can never decide what music to listen to

Me and Mrs Cool have very contrasting taste in music. Sam likes acts like Girls Aloud, Sia and Rhianna where as I like The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Oasis. This is one area where I usually get my own way. I have a subscription to Apple Music so can stream all the music I want, I am a nice guy though and I will sometimes let Mrs Cool pick a playlist.

4. The WiFi always gets clogged up

If you both work online you must invest in good home broadband. We used to get frustrated by our WiFi and there is nothing worse than trying to upload a video or blog post when your WiFi signal freezes due to your other half using up all the bandwidth. This is not so much of a problem anymore as we upgraded to Fibre Broadband and most providers will have unlimited packages. I would advise you to get it as it is a godsend. It also helps when work is done for the day and you want to watch the latest season of Narcos on Netflix while the kids are on YouTube or playing on Xbox with their mates. 

5. You can never agree on the right temperature

This one causes the most arguments in our house as me and Mrs Cool are polar opposites when it comes to a comfortable temperature. Mrs Cool is always turning the heating on and is happy to sit in sauna like temperatures and I am always too hot and have been known to have a window open even when there has been snow lying on the ground outside.

Do you work from home with your partner? What do disagree about? 

Well, that’s all for now.


*This is a collaborative post.


  1. HA HA!!! We're always fighting in the office! Simon bellows down his headset when he's playing games and it's SO hard to concentrate if I'm writing! He tries to say it was his office first but it's not true!

    1. Lol, maybe you could get some sound cancelling headphones or get a sound proof shed and stick Simon in there

  2. Apart from the music clash, Me and Cat are very much the same story. We have one office / study and it's mainly mine. Although I can see the need to start the doubling up process. Another thing I started to do late last year was add a wired network to the house. Hard wiring the apple TV makes it a little faster, also one less thing to suck the wifi. It's only going to get worse!

    1. I would wire some more stuff into the router but I've already got enough wires tangled up behind the telly

  3. We just get distracted with breakfast and a bit chat, TV catch up. Enjoying the peace and end up not working!


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