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Monday 5 February 2018

Big Cool Five

I had a bit of a rubbish post Christmas and New Year as I was struck down with the flu. I was ill from a few days after Christmas (including being practically bed ridden for about a week) and even now a month later I still have a bit of a cough so I just couldn't really be bothered to do much. I did manage to get out and about a few times however, so here are my January highlights.

Bouchon Bistrot.
Me and Mrs. Cool will often have a date day through the week while the kids are at school. A couple of weeks ago we headed to Hexham to try out this great French restaurant. I've written a full review of their lunch menu here.

Peaky Blinders.
I love to binge watch TV shows and there is some great TV around at the minute. This month we have managed to get through all four seasons of Peaky Blinders and what a show it has been. The Shelby family take on all comers to keep control of the Birmingham criminal underworld. I can't believe after watching it all in the space of a few weeks I now need to wait until next year for another season.

A stay in Alnmouth.
I'm so lucky living in Northumberland that I have so many great costal towns to visit nearby. One of the most picturesque is Alnmouth. We stayed at the stunning South View House over looking Alnmouth beach. This amazing apartment was super high tech and made me want to live there full time. You can read Mrs. Cool's post about it here.

Northumberland Country Zoo.
Who knew there was a zoo in Northumberland? There are some great animals here including Porcupines, Racoons and Capybaras but our favourites were the Armadillos. You can read a full review from Mrs. Cool here.

Breakfast in Felton.
If you haven't been to the Running Fox in Felton then you need to try it. I've never been disappointed when I've been there. This month we visited for breakfast and again the food was great. This picture is of the Fox Cub breakfast which is their smaller breakfast plate and at only £5.50 I think it is a bargain.

Look out for my February highlights next month.

Well, that's all for now.



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