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Thursday 22 November 2018

Fourteen Drops and Macbeth

This week me and Mrs. Cool had a night out in Newcastle to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. We have already had a celebration with the kids at Matfen Hall but this was a night out for just the two of us. If you haven't been to STACK on Pilgrim Street in Newcastle then you really need to get down there. There are loads of food vendors serving some amazing food. We've already tried Sushi me Rollin' for probably the best sushi in the North East. This time around we headed to Fourteen Drops which is a Charcuterie and Wine Bar.

Wine, Meat and Cheese. What's not to like? This place is like heaven for us. We ordered a wine flight with a small plate of Cheese and Charcuterie. You get 3 small glasses of wine, 2 cheese and a cured meat. The wine is hand picked to match the cheese and meat and it is all top quality. The red wine which was a Corbieres Cuvee Alice was particularly good. The small plates of Cheese and Charcuterie were, well, small so we also shared a baked cheese. This was IN-CRED-IBLE! I've made this a few times at home and really love dipping the bread into the gooey cheesey goodness and the addition of some rosemary to this one really set it off.

One of the things I love about Newcastle is that everything is so close together and after we finished our wine and cheese we made the 2 minute walk to Newcastle Theatre Royal. We had tickets to The National Theatre's production of Macbeth, I really love Shakespeare and The Scottish Play is my absolute favourite. This production had a couple of faces I recognise like Patrick Robinson (Casualty) as Banquo and Michael Nardone (Rome and The Night Manager) as Macbeth. This production was a sort of dystopian vision of some future civil war in Scotland and the juxtaposition of the setting with the Shakespearian dialogue was really refreshing. The tortured performance of Macbeth and the decent into madness of Lady Macbeth were great but my highlight was the Three Witches. The Weird Sisters moved around the stage like unnatural beings and the use of the poles they used to climb and fall like a Circus performer made this portrayal something different from anything I've seen in a Macbeth production before. I also really liked the effects to show the ghostly visions Macbeth is haunted by.

After the show we weren't quite ready to head home yet so we decided to go for a drink. We first went to Tapas Revolution as we had a card to get half price jugs of Sangria but when we got there were were told they had closed the bar despite the sign on the door saying they were open for another half an hour (Annoying!). So instead we went back to STACK to have a drink at Hadrian's Tipi, It was quite packed (Friday night in Newcastle so what do you expect) but I managed to get served at the bar pretty quickly and you can pay by ApplePay too (Hurrah for the future).

We really do love going to the theatre and should do it more often as there are number of great theatre's in Newcastle. Are there any productions you are looking forward to? Have you been to STACK yet? Let me know where you have tried.

Well, that's all for now.


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Fourteen Drops and Macbeth


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