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Monday 12 August 2019

The Rib Room | Ramside Hall | Review

Last month it was my birthday and to celebrate Mrs. Cool took me to Ramside Hall Spa. I love a spa day and the Spa here is great it was such a lush relaxing day. We also stayed over and went to The Rib Room Restaurant and our meal was something pretty special.

We decided to really push the boat out and ended up having probably the best meal I have had this year. To start Mrs. Cool had the Cheese Soufflé, I was seriously jealous when this was served. Very light and floating in a lush cheese sauce. Mrs. Cool mentioned that she wishes she hadn't already eaten her bread bun before the starter arrived as it would have been perfect to mop up the cheese sauce.
I'm a sucker for Terrine and when this Ham Hock comes with a Pigs Cheek Bon Bon then I'm sold. This came with an amazing Tarragon Sauce which was great smothered on the Bon Bon but I really liked the pickled red onion that was the perfect accompaniment for the Ham Hock. 
Like I said we really went all out with this meal and for our main we decided to share the Chateaubriand. This massive wedge of meat really is the king of beef. We ordered ours rare (as all beef should be) and it comes with 2 side and 2 sauces. My word this was truly incredible, the most tender meat I've had in a very long time but still such and amazing meaty flavour. The chips were great too although the onion rings we ordered were a little generic. I went for the Peppercorn sauce (which is what I usually order with steak) and it was really nice but Mrs. Cool ordered Garlic butter and this was something else. I think from now on I'll be getting garlic butter with mine.
Chateaubriand is the most expensive dish on the menu but it's only your birthday once and year and if you can't treat yourself on your birthday then when can you? I can't say enough good things about this dish, I mean just look at it! 
We were pretty full at this point so decided to share a dessert. We went for the White Chocolate and Apple Cheese cake. This was such a beautifully presented dessert and such a clever way of having cheesecake, it reminded me of a starter I had when we dined at Dinner by Heston in London a few years ago. It wasn't all style over substance though as it was lush as well, very creamy when you cut into it.
Our who meal was £115 and whilst this was a lot it did include a bottle of wine and considering the food we had I don't think this was too expensive. Mrs. Cool is considering getting a membership to Ramside Hall and if she does I'll definitely be tagging along.

Well, that's all for now.




  1. OMG! pure food porn! looks amazing!

  2. Oh wow it looks absolutely incredible! Cant wait to try this out for ourselves one day soon!


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