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Monday 12 April 2021

Project Bond: Licence To Kill

"SeƱor Bond, You Got Big Cojones."

Project Bond: Licence To Kill
In 1989 Timothy Dalton returned in what would be his last appearance as 007 in Licence to Kill. Joining Dalton was Robert Davi as Franz Sanches, Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier, Talisa Soto as Lupe Lamora and Benicio Del Toro as Dario. Also making their final appearances in the Bond Franchise was Robert Brown as M and Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny with Desmond Llewelyn continuing as Q.

Project Bond: Licence To Kill
007 and Felix Leiter assist the DEA in capturing drug lord Franz Sanchez but when Sanchez bribes a DEA agent to help him escape he wants to make those who captured him pay. Felix Leiter is kidnapped and tortured by being lowered into a Tiger Shark tank. After Bond finds out about the escape he goes to Leiter's house and finds Felix wounded and his wife dead.
Project Bond: Licence To Kill
Bond Swears revenge but is told to back off by MI6 as this in an American incident, Bond threatens to resign but M suspends him and revokes his Licence to Kill. Bond goes on the run and handle things himself. 
Project Bond: Licence To Kill
Project Bond: Licence To Kill
Bond meets up with Pam Bouvier a DEA informant and former pilot and with some unauthorised help from Q they travel to Sanchez' headquarters in the Republic of Isthmus posing as an assassin for hire. Sanchez' henchman Dario doesn't trust Bond but after Bond frames one of Sanchez other associates 007's cover is safe. 

Bond infiltrates Sanchez drug empire he starts to working on bringing it down and killing Sanchez once and for all. He also starts romancing Sanchez girlfriend Lupe Lamora. After a chase through the desert involving oil tankers Bond finally reveals he identity to Sanchez before killing him by using a lighter Felix gave him as a gift. 
Project Bond: Licence To Kill
Project Bond: Licence To Kill
I really enjoyed this film and I think Timothy Dalton was ahead of his time as Bond. He plays 007 more akin to the way Daniel Craig plays him now. I do think however he lacks the charisma of Sean Connery and Roger Moore so can see why the producers had 2nd thoughts and replaced him after only two film.

The casting in this film is perfect Robert Davi as Sanchez is such a smarmy 80's drug baron. Benicio Del Toro is brilliant as Sanchez' psychotic henchman Dario who comes to a satisfying end. The bond girls are great too I've seen Talisa Soto in a few other films and never realised she was in a Bond film and Carey Lowell also holds her own.

The violence of this film is what a lot of critics says is a problems with this film but personally I don't think it's any worse that other action films around at the time. It would have been interesting to see Timothy Dalton in more Bond films but if that happened then we wouldn't have got my favourite Bond film which comes next. 

Here is the trailer.

Project Bond will return with Goldeneye

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