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Thursday 18 August 2016

Star Trek Beyond: A Review

As you may have guessed from my previous reviews I am a bit of a geek. Although I'm not a full on trekker I do enjoy Star Trek and I've passed my geek genes onto my son Harry as he also loves a bit of Trek. We were both delighted recently when Netflix added The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and the TNG movies to their catalogue and Harry has been making his way through them to get up to speed on all things in the Alpha Quadrant. We loved the 2009 Star Trek reboot and really enjoyed 2013's Star Trek into Darkness so when the sequel Star Trek Beyond was announced we were both super excited and today we popped along to our local cinema to finally watch it. I don't want to give too much away so here's the jist.

The film starts with Kirk on a diplomatic assignment as the Enterprise is just over halfway through it's five year mission. After the assignment goes wrong the Enterprise heads to a new advanced space station to reprovision its supplies. We find out Kirk is struggling with the monotony of day to day life on board and has applied for a promotion to Vice Admiral. We also find out that Spock Prime has recently died (a nice little tribute to Leonard Nimoy) and Spock is planning on leaving Starfleet to help rebuild Vulcan society.

Around the same time an out of control escape pod heads towards the space station. The survivor on board tells of how her main ship headed into an unexplored nebula and crashed on a deserted planet and ask for help to rescue any survivors. Captain Kirk and the crew are given the task of mounting a rescue mission. However they will be cut off from all communication once they enter the nebula.

Soon after they arrive at the planet they are attacked by an unknown ship and the Enterprise is almost completely destroyed and the crew need to abandon ship. Most of the crew are taken hostage by the demonic looking Krall (played by Idris Elba), Scotty manages to hide inside a torpedo and shoots himself at the planet, Bones and Spoke escape together and Kirk and Chekov remain behind to try and get whats left of the Enterprise onto the planet.

Spock is seriously injured and luckily he is with the ships doctor who quickly sorts him out. Scotty finds a survivor from a previously attacked ship called Jaylah who takes him back to her 'House' as she calls it to help fix a few things. Her house turns out to be the USS Franklin and early Starfleet ship that went missing 100 years earlier. After they find each other again they come up with a plan to rescue the rest of the crew and use the USS Franklin to escape.

Meanwhile, Uhura and Sulu find out Krall is a warrior who is hell bent on bringing war to the galaxy. He is planning on using an ancient weapon to kill everyone on the space station and then use the technology therein to attack all of the other systems in the quadrant.

I won't give the ending away so you'll have to go see it to find out what happens. Although I liked the last Star Trek film I was a little disappointed with it and after seeing the trailer I wasn't expecting much from this film but I couldn't have been more wrong, This is a really great sci-fi film. The special effects are incredible as you would expect. The villain Krall is genuinely threatening and even though Idris Elba is unrecognisable he gives a performance that is always captivating. There are some lighter moments too, the banter between Bones and Spock is funny as as well as the interaction between Scotty and Jaylah (who I think steals the show). There is also a good twist at the end.

I've heard there is going to be a 4th film in this series and there has also been a new TV series of Star Trek announced so things are looking good in the future for trekkers the world over.

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