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Friday 2 September 2016

Cocktail of the Month: Mojitos

Staying in is the new going out. When we were younger me and Mrs Cool used to enjoy cocktail hour on regular basis (we even had a bar set up in our spare room at our flat when we first moved in together) but when the kids came along and then we started going out whenever we could get a babysitter and cocktail hour fell by the wayside. Me and Mrs Cool both think that 'Date Night' is very important for a married couple so when we're not able to get out for a night on the town we will have a date night at home and HURRAH! cocktail hour is back. We have decided to collaborate on this over both of our blogs, I'll be handling the drinks and Mrs Cool will be handling the canapés. The first cocktail we've had is one of my favourites, the Mojito. Head over to Life as Mr R for the canapés we had to go with the Mojitos.

For each of my Mojitos you will need:

75ml of white rum (Bacardi is my preference)
1/4 of a lime (cut into wedges)
a few fresh mint leaves
1/2 tsp of brown sugar
Ice Cubes.

Start by adding the lime wedges, mint leaves and sugar to your chosen glass and mash them up using a muddler (you should have one of these is you're serious about cocktails).

Next add the lime juice and ice cubes and pour the rum over the ice. then top up with lemonade and give the whole thing a srir. A classic Mojito has soda water but I find using lemonade instead gives it an extra citrusy kick.



The great thing about making your own cocktails is that you can add and remove ingredients as you like. We also tried a Mojito with 2 different types of rum (half white and half dark). My favourite type of dark rum is Kraken. We also tried a Mojitos where we replaced the limes with raspberries and this made a delicious alternative.

Look out for our Halloween inspired cocktail night next month.

Well, that's all for now.




  1. Love the recipe Steve. Can't wait for next months.

  2. Loving the idae of this series ... bit of addiction to cocktails ... oh and gin!!


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