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Thursday 17 November 2016

Westworld Mid-season review

We're only halfway through the first season of Westworld and it is already fast becoming my new favourite TV show (at least until Game of Thrones returns).  There is a lot going on with so many characters and different storyline it can be hard to keep track of what's happening but here's a little recap.

Lets start with Robert Ford. Anthony Hopkins is an amazing actor and here he plays the enigmatic creator of Westworld to his malevolent best. Ford has big plans for Westworld but is not letting anyone know his end game. Like Machiavelli he is pulling all the strings and even the board don't know what he is planning. He is a proper bastard.

Bernard, poor Bernard. Grieving the loss of his son and having an affair with his boss. Then he tries to cover up a mistake he thinks his mentor (Robert Ford) has made with an update to the hosts program only to be blamed for the mistake himself. But the reveal in episode 7 was a real shocker. Here was my reaction on twitter.

The storyline i'm loving at the minute is what's happening with Maeve. The brothel madam who, as a host, should not know about the real world but after being 'killed' and repaired so many is now fully self-aware and forcing two Westworld techs to upgrade her program. I'm really looking forward to how she is going to try and get out of Westworld.

The main story is the mysterious maze. Delores, the oldest of the hosts, has been hearing voices calling her to the maze. and now with William in tow it seems like she will get there. But then you also have the Man in Black who has been coming to Westworld for years and is obsessed with finding the maze. A theory that me and a friend have been discussing is that the Delores/William story and the Man in Black story are taking place in two different time lines and that The Man in Black is actually William in the future and that he is trying to find the maze so he can free Delores from Westworld. This may not be what happens but as with all of the stories going on I can't wait to see what happens.

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  1. I'm loving this show and think the man in black/William one is very plausible! Could not believe that twist!!


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