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Monday 4 March 2019

Liberty Brown at The Palm: The Best Steak in Sunderland

*This is a collaborative post

This week I was asked to try out the Liberty Brown Steakhouse at The Palm in Sunderland. I had a day off work this week so was able to take Mrs. Cool and we made it one of our regular date days. The Palm is a Tropical Oasis away from the city and has a few venues to choose from and all sound pretty good with cafes, bars and restaurants but we were there to try the Steaks and the ones we had here were pretty special.

We started off with a few drinks, I was driving so it was strictly mocktails for me. I went for the Apple and Ginger Mojito, this was a lovely refreshing drink and I didn't miss the rum at all. Mrs Cool went for the Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini this was also delicious and really full of orange flavour but Mrs Cool did say it was a little bit too sweet for her.
For starters I went for the Grilled King Prawns with Avocado and Pomegranate Salad. The Prawns were nice and plump with a little chopped red chilli, but the salad wasn't just an afterthought. I love avocado so was always going to like this and the pomegranate gave a lush burst of freshness and the mango dressing was really something else, superb.
Mrs. Cool went for the Salt and Pepper Squid which had a little kick of heat (but not too hot), the squid was perfectly cooked and Mrs. Cool really loved it. It was a big portion for a starter but there was enough Garlic dipping sauce for the whole dish.

After our starters it was time to get some more drinks I ordered the Raspberry and Almond Sling, this was another mocktail but again it didn't miss the alcohol. This was a little bit creamy but still very fresh tasting. Mrs. Cool went for the Dip-Dab-Tini which took her right back to her childhood and was very moreish as she kept dipping back into her packet of sherbet right up until we left.

Onto our main courses, Mrs. Cool decided to go all out and ordered the Steak and Lobster which is an 8oz rump steak with half a grilled lobster served with beef dripping chips and beef dripping gravy. This is the ultimate Surf n Turf. The Steak was perfectly cooked and so flavoursome also the lobster was delicious and was just the right size. Mrs. Cool said she is sometimes scared to order lobster as it can be difficult to eat but this was very easy to get out of the shell and was totally worth it. Both Me and Mrs. Cool ordered our steak Medium-Rare and this was spot on.
I went for 12oz Sirloin Steak, this came with Chips, Onion Bhaji Petals, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Hand Foraged Mushrooms. The steak again was perfect, nice and juicy and totally melt in the mouth. The chips are incredible too, handmade and cooked in beef dripping just makes them extra special. You have a choice of which sauce to have with your steak and I also asked for the Beef Dripping Gravy. Oh, My Days! This is sooo good! Drizzled over the steak and still enough to dip your chips in.

We were getting pretty full at this point but we had just enough room to share a dessert so we went for the caramel filled Churros with a caramel dipping sauce. Churros are my fave and when they came they were still warm (so good) with these being filled with caramel they were still hot inside (be careful not wolf them down), usually I have Churros with cinnamon and chocolate sauce so the caramel was a nice change.

I was really impressed with Liberty Brown, all of the food was delicious and really well presented. Also the staff were really friendly and were happy to give their opinions of the items on the menu. Some the extras you can order sounded pretty amazing too (Lobster Mac and Cheese anyone?) and even the water was good with fruit and berries to add a little flavour. What I also really liked here was that the beef all comes from local farmers and Grass Fed Northumbrian Beef Cattle.

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Liberty Brown at The Palm: The Best Steak in Sunderland



  1. Loving the dib dab tini, so unusual. The steak looks great, my hubby would love this

  2. The steak looks beautiful, look how pink it is! Lush!


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