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Monday 11 February 2019

Pre-Treatre Dinner | Mexico 70 | Sunderland

Pre-Treatre Dinner | Mexico 70 | Sunderland

Last week me and Mrs. Cool had a night at the theatre (I know, fancy right?) we went to see War Horse at Sunderland Empire Theatre. The performance was amazing, you can read Mrs. Cool's full review here. But it left us with the question where to have dinner before the show, having grown up in Newcastle the thought of eating in Sunderland did not spark joy. Mrs. Cool told me about this Mexican place near the theatre and both being lovers of all things Mexican we decided to head there.

Mexico 70 is literally over the road from the theatre, inside is contemporary decoration with wood tables and exposed brickwork with Day of the Dead style artwork, the lighting was a bit like a boudoir with a red hue everywhere (apologies for the photos) and going to the toilet was like stepping into a dark room to develop some photographs but I still liked it. Mexico 70 serves Soft Corn Tortilla Tacos, Loaded Nachos, Filthy Fries and Wings.

Each taco dish is a small plate and it's recommended you order two or three per person as well as some sides. To start we went for the Trio of Salsas with Tortilla Chips, the salsas were Yucatan, Chipotle and Salsa Verde.  All were really good but the Salsa Verde in particular was great and really fresh tasting.
For her main Mrs. Cool went for the Crispy Squid and the Beef Taco-Yaki. The Beef has big flavours and Mrs. Cool said she could've have two or three of them. The Squid was nice and crispy, not rubbery at all but it didn't have the burst of flavour of the beef one.
I went for one of the specials which was a Lamb Kofta with Pomegranate this kofta was beautifully cooked with charred edges but still juicy and the burst of freshness from the pomegranate was heavenly. I also went for the Korean Pork Belly and this was my favourite, The pork was soft and melt in your mouth with a Korean glaze that was sweet and sticky.
As the tacos were small plates we decided to get a couple sides, now I couldn't go all the way to Sunderland and not get Cheesy Chips but these filthy fries was pretty amazing. We had the Thai Beef Fries which are Skin on fries with melted Mozzarella topped with Pulled Thai Beef and Spicy Mayo. We also had Buffalo Chicken Wings, I love Chicken Wings (It's the best part of the Chicken) and Buffalo are my favourite. The Buffalo sauce was tangy with nice kick and the wings were perfectly cooked we ate these last and in hindsight we should've had then earlier as by the time we had them they were starting to get a but cold bit still really tasty.

All of the food was freshly cooked to order and I loved that there were over 15 different tacos to choose from (including a Vegan section). I have my eyes on their Guacamole bar menu next time.

The staff were really friendly and were happy to go through the menu and answer any question we had. Mexico 70 have a special offer most days and we went on half price wings day and our meal came to just over £30 including two bottles of Corona which is great value.

Well, that's all for now.


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Pre-Treatre Dinner | Mexico 70 | Sunderland


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