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Monday 21 October 2019

Redhead's Mac 'n' Cheese | Newcastle | Review

Mac 'n' Cheese is right up there with my favourite comfort food and when Mrs. Cool told me there was a new Mac 'n' Cheese street food place opening in Newcastle I was really looking forward to it. Redhead's Mac 'n' Cheese have been going for while now as a pop up and mobile catering but have recently opened their new home in Newcastle's Grainger Market and this weekend I finally got to try it.
They have a few different toppings available (as well as classic Mac 'n' Cheese) and all reasonably priced at either £6 or £7. There is also a Vegan option available and a kid's deal for £4 (including a fruit shoot and a chocolate treat).
I went for the Chilli Beef Topped Mac 'n' Cheese, The Chilli Beef was really flavoursome especially with pickled red onions. But the Mac 'n' Cheese was something else, really tasty cheese sauce and so deliciously gooey. Grated Parmesan and Hot Sauce drizzled on top made it absolute perfection.
Mrs. Cool ordered the Chorizo Topped Mac 'n' Cheese. A generous serving of fried Chorizo bits added an extra depth of flavour to the Mac 'n' Cheese. It wasn't too smokey so Mrs. Cool loved it.
I was really, really impressed with Redhead's and can't wait to go back (I've got my eye on the Sticky Rib Mac 'n' Cheese next time). The portion size is very good, enough for a decent sized lunch and the price is excellent value for money. If you like Mac 'n' Cheese you must try Redhead's.

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  1. I always hate mac n cheese before I discovered Redheads ... I think the only one I'd tried before was the Heinz version out of a can (so disgusting!)

    OMG I'm just obsessed, they are so so good! They used to deliver in our area so occasionally I'd order a big tray to myself! Heaven!

    Not made it to the shop yet as I'm trying to be well behaved after New York but I can't wait to get there!

  2. Love this place. I'm all for chorizo topped πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ€€


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