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Monday 7 October 2019

The Dining Room | Seaham Hall | Review

*This meal was provided free of charge as part of Sam's work. I was not obliged to write this review.

Me and Mrs. Cool recently visited Seaham Hall and tried out their spa and have a long overdue massage. We also stayed overnight and that included a meal at The Dining Room. The Dining Room is a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere but still serves elegant food.

We started in the Bar and had a cocktail while we looked at the menu. Mrs Cool had an Espresso Martini and I had an Old Fashioned. We were joking that this has become our classic cocktail combo as we always seem to have them together. The menu had loads of dishes I wanted to try but we managed to pick the ones we wanted. Our order was taken while we were still in the bar which meant when we got to our table our wine was waiting for us and our starters weren't far behind.

For my starter I went for the Beetroot which was served with Hay Smoked Mackerel and Horseradish. The Beetroot was amazingly sweet and perfect with the Smokey Mackerel, the Horseradish gave the whole dish a little background heat.
Mrs. Cool ordered the Beef Tartare, she has had this a few times before and loves it. We had a little laugh when the waiter checked she knew it was raw beef (I wonder how many people order it and don't know it'll be raw). The Beef was served with a creamy Strathdon Blue Cheese sauce, Chopped Hazelnuts, Preserved Gooseberries and wild mushroom. Mrs. Cool said it was deliscious and very fresh tasting.
For my main I ordered the Beef which was served rare with a slow cooked Ox Cheek, Young Onions and Bone Marrow Sauce. The beef was from a retired Dairy Cow, I really loved that they have used beef from an animal that otherwise would have been wasted and it tasted amazing, this may sound stupid but it tasted really beefy. The Ox Cheek and Bone Marrow Sauce were incredible as well. I had Roasted Carrots as a side dish and these were the best carrots I have had in a long time.
Mrs. Cool ordered the Lamb which was served with Radicchio, Mint and Lamb Fat Potato. The Lamb was also served rare making it deliciously tender and juicy with loads of flavour. The Lamb Fat Potato was like the best ever Mashed Potato with amazing Lamb Gravy poured over.
We were able to fit a dessert in too. I went for the Pear, which was glazed with a liqueur whose name escapes me, Cream Cheese Ice Cream and Walnut Cake. The Pear was subtle but not overpowered. The Cream Cheese Ice Cream was slightly savoury to compliment the sweetness of the Pear. The Walnut Cake was as light as anything and the whole dish was pretty perfect.
For Mrs. Cool's dessert she went for the Salted Caramel Custard Tart, Served with Vanilla Caramel Apple, Walnuts and Cultured Cream. Mrs. Cool said this was lush and even though she was getting full there was no way she was leaving any.
The whole meal was amazing and we had a really great night. Our waiter, Amy, was really friendly and happy to share her thoughts of the dishes we selected. I was really impressed that they have a strong emphasis on the provenance of their ingredients, take the sustainability of their produce seriously and use local farms and suppliers.

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The Dining Room | Seaham Hall | Review


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