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Saturday 8 October 2016

Cocktail of the month: Halloween Special

Cocktail of the month is back and as it's October we've decided to have Halloween themed cocktails. We recently had some friends round our house for an early Halloween party and these are the drinks we served.

Toffee Apple


Salted Caramel Vodka
Cloudy Apple Juice
The first cocktail was the easiest to make as only has 2 ingredients. The Vodka is so nice and doesn't taste alcoholic at all and when mixed with the Apple Juice it tastes just like a toffee apple. I mixed 50ml of Vodka with 150ml of Apple juice and served this is a Martini Glass. The glass was decorated with Halloween coloured sprinkles.



White Rum (Bacardi)
Dark Rum (Kraken)
Gold Rum (Havana Club)
Mango and Papaya Juice (You might need to visit a few shops before you find this)

Now this is the cocktail everyone was talking about at the party. I think the only reason it is called a Zombie is because once you've finished one you feel like a zombie. This is a very Caribbean cocktail with 3 types of Rum (White, Dark and Gold), mixed with Mango and Papaya Juice. To make this this you need 12.5ml (half a 25ml measure) of White Rum, 25ml of Dark Rum and 37.5ml (1 and 1/2 of a 25ml measure) of Gold Rum then top it up with 200ml if Mango and Papaya juice and serve in a Highball Glass with ice.

Now head over to Life as Mrs R for the details of the canap├ęs we served.

Now, that's all for now.



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