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Monday 24 October 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

The Walking Dead has returned and the first episode has hit me round the head like swift strike from Lucille. After the end of season 6 we all knew that someones time was up but the way in which Negan dispatched both Abraham and Glen was truly shocking. Knowing what I knew from the comics I was expecting Glen's demise so when Lucille fell onto Abrahams crown I was taken by surprise. I was gutted as Abraham has been one of my favourite characters of the last few seasons but even in death he managed to get in one last brilliant line before he left us forever. With Abraham gone I thought Glen had been given a reprieve but you know a villain like Negan won't stand for any crap so when Darryl clocked him in the jaw you just knew there would be repercussions and with Glen kneeling behind Negan I could just tell what was coming. Glen's death is heartbreaking not just to Maggie and the rest of the group but also to us as a viewer after we thought he had bought it in the last series only to have miraculously survived and now for him to be cut down so early it's hard to take.

The grotesqueness of these gruesome deaths were hard to watch (Mrs Cool watched most of this episode with her hands in front of her eyes) but the tension later in the episode with Negan breaking Rick spirit was unbearable and genuinely stomach churning, Sam said she felt physically sick as Negan forced Rick to cut off his sons arm. With the group seemingly under Negan's control now it is going to be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out. However, after watching since the start I haven't lost faith in Rick and I'm sure they will be formulating a plan to free themselves from Negan's control, but it's not going to be easy.

There's an old saying "death smiles at us all", Negan smiles a lot.

Well, that's all for now.




  1. I can't breath after that episode. Unreal. I'm still shaking

  2. I'm traumatised from it. I think they went too far personally. It was too gratuitous for me. I've watched from the start but that episode was awful.

  3. It was the first time for me the show had become a 'horror'. It was so tense. As long as the rest of the series isn't as gruesome and graphic, it has set us up for a great few weeks.

  4. I think they're good at making the show so that one week is full on horror and then they'll be a couple that aren't as gruesome. this was the 1st episode thats left me physically affected

  5. As an avid reader of the comics I have a basic grasp on what's going to play out from this point but I can't wait to see how it's exicuted! I was expecting both Abraham and Glenns deaths, I just knew he wouldn't stop at one. Plus Abraham's been living on borrowed time in the show.

    Glenns death was pretty much pannel perfect, fantastic!!

    Katie xoxo


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