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Monday 16 January 2017

Chinese Chicken and Rice One Pot

I was searching for some inspiration for something to make for our dinner that would be relatively easy for me to make after I'd finished work this Sunday. I stumbled upon Supergolden Bakes while scrolling through Twitter and Instagram so decided I would give their recipe for Chinese Chicken and Rice One Pot a try. I haven't stuck to their recipe 100% (you can find the original recipe here) but here is my version. This recipe will serve 4 and you will need:

8 Chicken thighs
1 1/2 peppers (diced)
1 onion (diced)
200g rice
Frozen peas
500ml chicken stock
Soy sauce
Runny honey
2 garlic gloves (sliced thinly)
Chilli flakes
Ground ginger.

The Method

Mix the soy sauce, honey, garlic, chilli and ginger in a bowl to make a marinade. Coat the chicken in the marinade and lave to infuse with the flavours for as long as possible (but at least a couple of hours). next heat some oil in a casserole dish on a medium heat and fry the chicken for a few minutes on each side until it starts to brown and then remove the chicken and set aside for later. In the same pan add the diced onion and cook for a few mins until it starts to colour and then add the peppers and cook for another few mins.

Add the remaining marinade to the pan along with the rice and once the rice is coated in the all the sauce add the chicken stock and the frozen peas. Bring the pan to simmer and then add the chicken back to the pan. Now cover the dish and bang it in a pre-heated oven at 180Âșc. Cook for 30 mins and then remove the lid and cook for a further 15 mins so that the chicken skin goes crispy (Tip: if the dish looks like its starting to go a bit dry a little water at this stage).

Well, that's all for now.



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