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Monday 9 January 2017

Top 5 restaurants in Newcastle

In recent years there has been an explosion of restaurants in Newcastle making my home town a veritable foodie-topia. But with so much choice how do you decide where to go for a good meal? Well, I've decided to list my top five restaurants in Newcastle to help you out.

5. Ko Sai
Located in Fenwick's Food Hall this Thai restaurant has a real street food feel to it. The dishes are delicious and not too filling so it's great for a lunch date. You can get everything from salads to dumplings, they also have a great range of freshly squeezed juices and asian cocktails. My favourite dish is Seafood Curry.

4. Turtle Bay
I love the vibe of Turtle Bay. The mix of reggae music, Caribbean cuisine and incredible cocktails is just my sort of thing. They have an extensive drinks menu and its great to just visit the bar here especially if you're making a night of it as it's right next to The Gate with it's selection of bars. But you have to try the food, there are so many great dishes to choose from. The Jerk chicken wings are amazing but my favourite is the Curry Goat one pot. 

3. The Broad Chare
If you're looking for classic British dishes then you have to try The Broad Chare on the Quayside. The entire menu at the Broad Chare is great, I really liked the bar snacks (Scotch egg anyone?). However, the Sunday Lunch is something else, one of the best I've ever had and reasonably priced for the quality you get. Also they have a great selection of ales, which is always a plus.

2. House of Tides
The only Michellin Starred restaurant in Newcastle had feature on this list. They have a seasonal set menu and as you would expect everything it top quality. My favourite course was the Hogget Shoulder and Fillet Tartare with Crispy Onions and Nasturtiums. I've had a lot of meals at high end restaurants and having one as good as this in Newcastle makes me so proud of my home town.

1. Fat Hippo Underground
It was always going to take something special to make it to the top of this list and Fat Hippo underground is very special. Hidden away behind an unassuming doorway on Shakespere Street, you make your way to the basement with it's raw decor. But it's not all style over substance as they have THE BEST burgers I have ever had and they have a great selection to choose from. The burgers are served pink which I really like, my favourite is the Stinky Pete. I also recommend trying it for lunch as it's an amazing deal at £5 for a burger and fries.

What are your favourite restaurants in Newcastle? Have you been to any on my list?

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  1. Those sound like great choices. I've only tried one off your list, so I'll have to make sure I check out some of the others. I like the sound of Ko Sai

  2. I'll agree with the Burgers at Fat Hippo Underground. We visited for the first time this Christmas and WOW was it a tasty burger. I'd previously turned my nose up at the whole burger explosion. Burgers? Really? Surely they are just a fast food, but no. I was really amazed at the quality.

  3. House of Tides and Broadchare would be in my top too

  4. Some very good choices there Steve - it's made me think of my top 5 restaurants in Newcastle....I love the photo you've used for The Fat Hippo :). Katie

  5. I was really amazed at the quality.


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