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Monday 20 November 2017

10 Burgers to try in the North East

I have long been a lover of burgers and I'm a bit of a dab hand at making some great homemade burgers (just ask Mrs. Cool) but I love having someone else make me a burger. The North-East has no shortage of burger joints so I've decided to share with you 10 burgers to try from around the region.

10. West Coast Classic
MEAT: STACK @ No.28, Newcastle
Credit - The Twin Thing
This one features last on the list as it's a place I've not personally tried yet. It is next on my list though as quite literally EVERYONE I've spoken to who has been have said it is amazing. This is the West Coast Classic, the melted cheese, the onions, OMG!

9. Avocado Club Burger
Smashburger, Newcastle

Toppings really make a good burger great. As a big fan of avocado it was inevitable there would be a burger with avocado on this list. The Avocado Club is the most salad heavy burger on the list but it ain't a healthy option, the ranch dressing and bacon are also great. On a side note Smashburger also have some of the best fries I've ever had.

8. Trio of Burgers
South Causey Inn, County Durham

What's better than a burger? Three burgers. These sliders are made with different meats. One is Game, one is Lamb and the third is Beef. Each has different toppings and aren't too overwhelming as each one is only a couple of bites.

7. Turnbulls of Alnwick Burger
Hawthorns at the Crown Plaza, Newcastle

This is the most expensive burger at £16 but totally worth it. You can tell the meat is the highest quality as the patty is from Turnbulls of Alnwick. The Gruyere cheese is sooo good and has a great melt and really goes brilliantly with the Maple Smoked Bacon.

6. Cheesemas No.1
Byron, Newcastle

This one was a special that Byron had last Christmas and I really hope they bring them back this year. Smoked Bacon, Mature Cheddar and an onion ring, a proper filling burger. A double patty with this one so you may not be able to move afterwards.

5. Sloppy Joe
Fat Hippo, Jesmond

This one is on the secret menu and you need to be in the know. Join The Herd and get the herd card and when you go just ask for the secret menu. The Sloppy Joe is two patties topped with chilli and jalapenos and sour cream, so unctuous, so messy, so good.

4. Capital B
BURGER. Newcastle

The newest place in Newcastle and it is already getting a good reputation. This is the signature burger the Capital B. A Beef patty topped with Slow Cooked Brisket, French Brie and pickled red onion. These burgers are seriously juicy and you need a good pile of napkins handy when having this one.

3. Cheesier than the 80's
The Dirty Bottles, Alnwick

This was the most recent burger I've had and I really love this place. A meat lovers paradise and the burgers are incredible. Two Beef patties, Black Pudding, Bacon Blue cheese, mushrooms and lashings of blue cheese sauce the topping just keep coming. Try this one and you will definitely start getting the meat sweats.

2. Chilli Burger
Evans Bistro, Whitley Bay

Another secret burger that makes an appearance on the specials board from time to time. A Beef patty with chilli and the cheese is somehow melted right into the chilli (I'm drooling just writing this) it's topped with onion rings. A mammoth task trying to finish this and you will probably make a mess if you try and eat it with your hands (but that's what you want in a burger).

1. PB&J
Fat Hippo Underground, Newcastle
Credit - Fat Hippo
Ah, my true love. My go to burger whenever I get the chance, The PB&J. The rest of the list have come very close but this is still my favourite. Double patty topped with peanut butter and Bacon Jam. I might have to nip to toon to get one right now.

Have you already tried any of the burgers on the list? Do you have any favourites I haven't mentioned?

Well, that's all for now.




  1. I love this! I wanted to come up with a superlative laden paragraph to describe these burgers Steve but could only come up with the drooling emoji - 🤤

  2. I enjoyed one of the Fat Hippo's PB&J burgers at the Jesmond Food Market last month. Loved it.

  3. As I was reading this and seen fat hippo was half way down the list. I wasn’t happy. But as I read on and I seen you share the same taste in your favourite burger it made me happy. I love a pb&j. I jave tried the 6x6 from the secret menu and i wasn’t impressed. Not at all.

    1. I’m always too scared to try the 6x6. I like a burger but it think it would be painful to try that one

  4. The battle of the burgers at South Causey Inn look incredible. Matty had a burger when we went there a few weeks ago and he loved it! Katie x

  5. Oh can’t wait to show Dan this! He is the Burger King 😂 they all look amazing!!

  6. Black horse in Monkseaton has amazing burgers!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation I’ll have to give them a try


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