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Monday 13 November 2017

My Grooming Regime

A little while a go I posted my tips on how I dress to impress and I'm going to follow that up My Grooming Regime. I start by by washing my face simply with a bar of soap and basin of warm water. I'm currently using a bar of Honey I Washed the Kids from Lush it doesn't smell 'soapy' and it moisturises my face so I can keep my youthful good looks. Sam doesn't believe me when I say that other people can't believe I turn 37 next year but it's true!
On to my facial hair. To keep my beard in check I use a Men's Trimmer (you can watch a trimmer review here). Most of the time I let my beard grow and I go through phases of having my beard either long or short. At the minute I'm keeping it quite short and give it a trim every couple of weeks but on special occasions I need to do a bit of styling and a good trimmer will will let you do that too. After trimming I will give it a quick brush with a beard brush. Once I'm happy with how my beard is looking I finish with a little beard oil. I like to use one with a woody or spiced fragrance.

I haven't always had a beard and only started growing one in my 30's. I do very much prefer it though and think a beard gives a more distinguished look. I'm sure you'd agree......
Being a Ginger my hair is the bane of my life and as it is quite thick as well it is constantly not doing what I want it to do. Through my teens and early twenties I used a LOT of gel to keep it in place but as I've gotten older the wet look just won't do any more. I tried wax for a bit but don't like that either. I've decided that I've reached the point in my life where all I need is a good brush and zero product.

Mrs Cool recently got me this little set from Bluebeard's Revenge, the brush really helps tame my unmanageable barnet and the beard brush is a revelation. The beard oil is cuban spiced and I love it.
Do you have any preferences when it comes to grooming?

Well, that's all for now.


*this is a collaborative post


  1. I would love to say I pay particular attention to my youthful looks, but I'm too lazy. It was only about 5 months ago I decided to let my hair grow a little longer. The unkept look of extra messy spikes doesn't meet my age now (40 next year).
    If it wasn't environmentally bad I'd use a micro beaded product as the gritty paste make me feel really cleaned.
    I'm not aloud a beard! :(


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