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Monday 27 November 2017

The Dirty Bottles, Alnwick.

I love visiting Alnwick, whether it's a walk around the castle and gardens or a trip to barter books to pick up something new to read, Alnwick is one of my favourite places in Northumberland. But I recently discovered a little gem that may be my favourite place ever, The Dirty Bottles.

It's a mix of vintage and modern with exposed brickwork and wooden barrels for tables which hark back to olden times while the tablet to place your order and your own beer/cider tap built right into the table, this was something I've not seen before. You can order a beer glass and then just help you self using the tap on the table and the tablet adds the cost of your drinks to your bill. This place definitely has a hipster vibe right down to the wash basin made out of a beer keg in the restroom. However it is not all style over substance as the menu is really special. If you're a meat lover you need this place in your life.


Mrs Cool went for the 2 meats and 2 side for £11 (bargain!) and had the Brisket and Pulled Pork with Chunky Chips and Mac and Cheese. There are a selection of sauces to choose from on your table and Mrs Cool said Korean Sticky BBQ Sauce was great on the meats and the Bacon Mayonnaise was perfect for dipping the Chunky Chips in. I suggest skipping breakfast and lunch if you're going for this one as the portions are massive.

They have some great burgers on offer with some brilliantly imaginative names. I was torn between Ginola's Stepover and Cheesier than the 80's but in the end I went for the 80's burger. A Double Beef Patty with Bacon, Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Blue Cheese and topped with Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce. All the burgers come with Fries and Onion Rings and these are great too. You need to wear your baggy pants for this bad boy and you'll probably need a nap afterwards but it is so worth it. This is one of the best burgers I've ever had as it has all of my favourite things in it.

The kids menu is pretty good too, Heidi was at a friends birthday party so she didn't come, she probably wouldn't have liked it anyway as she is a bit funny with meat. Harry, however, was in his element, he is just like his old man and loves a burger so he went for the Cheeseburger. Jack is only just starting to like burgers at home so wasn't adventurous enough to try one here and went for the Chicken Goujon. Both dishes came with fries and the portion sizes were pretty good. The kids meals also come with a drink and Ice Cream.

We'll definitely be back as there are so many other dishes I needs to try. The Dirty Bottles also has a roof terrace that we didn't get see and it looks great for sampling their cocktail menu. You can stay over in one of The Dirty Bottles Luxury Boutique Rooms and I think we will be doing this soon as the rooms look great. Check out The Dirty Bottles website for more information here.

Well, that's all for now.




  1. Wow those burgers look so so good! It's been such a long time since we had an Alnwick potter, it's long overdue! Next time we visit we'll definitely check out The Dirty Bottles

    1. We always love Alnwick and really need to visit more often. Also there’s loads more I need to try on The Dirty Bottles menu

  2. I like a night out in Alnwick but have never eaten at The Dirty Bottles. I love that smokehouse styly cuisine.

    1. I love smoke house too. Probably my favourite food. I’ve never had a night out in Alnwick, I’ve only ever been for lunch.

  3. This looks soooo good! haven't been to alnwick in ages

  4. I’ve never been but I love pub and restaurants like this. A real rustic place. Burgers and ale. Sounds very nice. I’ve only ever been to two smoke houses in north east so this could be next on the list.

  5. You’ll love it. It’s already one of my favourite restaurants


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