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Monday 25 June 2018

Catch | Ponteland - Lunch Review

If you read my recent post about The Fish Shack you will know that I love seafood. This week me and Mrs. Cool headed out for lunch to try Catch, a seafood restaurant in Ponteland. We often go to Ponteland (it's where our nearest Waitrose is) and we've enjoyed several good meals in this town at places such as Haveli, the Badger, the Blackbird and the Postbox. Catch is all on it's own along the A696 but it has big enough car park that there should be no problem getting parked.

The interior is a mix of rustic and modern with an open kitchen, we were sat close to the pass and it was really interesting to watch the chefs working on their various dishes. Their menu (you can find it on their website here) is packed full of great dishes and even has a cool map showing where all of the produce comes from. There is also a Daily Catch menu served Monday to Friday 12pm-6pm and is a bit of a bargain at two courses for £15 or three courses for £19. We decided to order from the Daily Catch menu.

For starter Mrs. Cool had the Prawn Cocktail, it was served in all it's old school glory in a traditional tall sundae glass. Mrs. Cool said she could tell the prawns were good quality and there were plenty of them which is always a bonus and that the whole dish had been elevated above other prawn cocktails by something but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was that made it so good.

For her main Mrs. Cool had the Fish and Chips, this seemed to be the most popular dish when we were there as there were around 8-10 orders for Fish and Chips in the short time we were there. The chips were proper homemade chips and the fish was cod which was nice and flakey and the batter really crisp. The only negative was that any sides were £1.50 each which included mushy peas and bread and butter, being a proper Geordie Girl Mrs. Cool decided to have Curry Sauce with hers.

For my starter I chose the Ham Hock Terrine which, although not seafood, I just can't resist if I see it on a menu. It comes with Red onion chutney but that really doesn't do this justice. This was the nicest chutney I've ever had with a terrine (and I've had a lot of terrine). Also, I think was made to order as it was still warm when I got it. The terrine was really good and I got a few big wedges of bread to go with it.

For my main I went for the Swordfish Steak with Crayfish Linguine. I hadn't noticed this but Mrs. Cool mentioned that I get Swordfish quite regularly at seafood restaurants. I do love it, I think it's because it is a really meaty fish and reminds me of a pork steak and for me Pork is Bae. The Swordfish was perfect, pan fried with butter and garlic. The linguine was really good too with a creamy sauce and plenty of Crayfish as well. The portion was a bit big (even for me) and I had to leave a few mouthfuls.

There are also rooms available at Catch and the packages are quite reasonably priced with one deal being an overnight stay for two with a 3 course meal and breakfast included for £129. I think we'll add this to the list of potential places for me and Mrs. Cool to stay when we next have a child free night.
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  1. We have driven past here so many times and each time we have the same conversation - "Oooh is that a pub?" "No, it's a restaurant" .. for some reason it catches our eye each time we go past! One day we really will have to go in!

    OMG how 70s does that Prawn Cocktail look? LOVE IT!!!

    I love the idea of going for fish and chips and booking a night there so we can just roll ourselves up the stairs to bed afterwards!


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