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Monday 14 January 2019

Coffee & Kin | Great British Roasts

Last year I collaborated with a local coffee company, Coffee & Kin, and fell in love with their coffee. So much so that I subscribed to their monthly coffee bean subscription. I've been getting a bag of beans each month for almost a year now and it's a nice little treat to myself just after payday.

The coffee is always really good quality and at £8.00 per month to get a bag of locally roasted coffee delivered right to your door I think is very good value for money. I also really love the ethics behind this company, they really care about their coffee farmers and believe in fair growing and sales processes that are socially and environmentally sustainable.

Coffee & Kin have recently launched a new subscription The Great British Roast. This is a step up at £18 per month but you get TWO bags of speciality coffee which comes two Great British Roasters. We've tried it this month and we received one bag of Pilgrims coffee, which is roasted on Holy Island and one bag of Ballroom Blend from Dear Green in Glasgow. You also get a little pamphlet with some information about the roasters and their coffee.

The two coffees we got this month were really good. Pilgrim Coffee has a slightly fruity flavour while The Ballroom Blend was a little bit nutty, both are proper strong coffees and the smell when you open the bag is amazing and just fills the whole room.

If you're a coffee aficionado (which I like to think I am) then you will love this subscription.  I have said it many times, there is no excuse for bad coffee and high quality coffee is a luxury we should all aspire to have.

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Coffee & Kin | Great British Roasts


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