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Thursday 10 January 2019

The Oats and Eggs Pantry | Brunch Review

My New Years Resolution is to cut back on my calorie intake. Not strictly a *whispers* diet, just making healthier choices. In January I'm cutting out bread and pop but with no bread this is making breakfast difficult. Mrs. Cool recommended we try The Oats and Eggs Pantry on Chillingham Road in Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Oats and Eggs Pantry provides fresh healthy, food and locally roasted coffee.

I have long been a supporter of smashed avocado for breakfast but usually have this on a muffin or slice of toast so I was pleased to see this was available with slices of toasted sweet potato as an alternative. This is served with spinach and 2 eggs either scrambled or dry fried. I went for fried eggs and could not tell that these were dry fried instead of with oil. I may start dry frying all of my eggs. The combination of sweet potato and avocado was not one I've had before but was so good. The eggs were perfectly runny and the whole meal was so filling that it meant I could have this instead of having breakfast AND lunch.

Mrs Cool was obsessing for days about trying the pancakes with injectable flavour so she went for the bacon and maple syrup pancake. The pancakes are made from oats, banana and eggs.  There was bacon right inside the pancake as well as on top. The bacon was lean and seemed to be grilled or dry fried as it wasn't fatty or greasy at all. The maple syrup comes in a syringe so you and drizzle over the top or inject right into the pancake itself. This is a great little quirk and there are lots of other choices with injectable flavours like Peanut butter and chocolate injection, Coconut and raisin with maple injection and salted caramel coffee with salted caramel injection.

There is also a great kids play area so parents can relax while having a bite to eat and the kids menu also looks good with lots of variety for little fussy eaters.

We both loved our brunch and we'll be back soon to try more of the pancakes and the omelette options sound really good too. There are two areas - the main cafe and the children's area, both are separated with a mini door so both families and those wanting a child-free catch up are catered for. The staff were lovely too and spent a little time chatting to us about why they set the business up, their plans for expansion and how meticulous they are about keeping the kids play area clean with hourly checks and toys being washed every evening.

The Oats and Eggs pantry is also really well priced as our two meals and two Americano coffees was only £14.99 (Bargain!). Here is a snapshot of their menu.

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The Oats and Eggs Pantry | Brunch Review



  1. This is RIGHT up my street. Both in terms of the healthy options and the play area. Love sweet potato with avocado - I’ve a great vegan chilli recipe that includes both those. I hadn’t heard of this place but we’ll deffo be going now!

  2. Oh wow, I'm not sure I could give up on bread!

    I've strolled past this place a fair few times and have often wondered what the food is like so thanks for sharing, we're not often in the area but will always make an effort to go there for food so adding Oats and Eggs to the list!

  3. We were in chilli road yesterday and theres some great places down there! Will have to check it out


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