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Thursday 31 January 2019

The Muddler | Newcastle | Lunch Review

Me and Mrs. Cool had one of our date days in Newcastle recently and this involved lunch at The Muddler on Grey Street. It's fairly new, opening at the end of last year and there had been a bit of a buzz about it. We love Asian food and The Muddler serves Pan-Asian so there is loads to choose from and you're not tied down to one type of asian cuisine.

The Muddler serves small plates, like asian tapas, so we decided to get a few things and just share everything. We both love Teriyaki Chicken so that was a no brainer, same goes for Spicy Peppered Squid. I really love Beef so we also went for the Beef and Coriander Skewers. We were a little disappointed in a couple of these. The Teriyaki Chicken was a bit bland with not much Teriyaki flavour and the Beef was a little tough, I would have preferred it to be rare. The Squid was nice and crispy and had a good flavour but Mrs. Cool mentioned it seemed to be on the cold side, I didn't notice this and thought it was great dipped in a little Soy Sauce.

One of Mrs. Cool's obsessions at the minute is Dimsum Dumplings so she also ordered the Pork Sui Mai which are steamed pork dumplings with a dipping sauce. These were really good and the dipping sauce was really great like a sort or chilli and nut oil. I'm a huge fan of Chicken Katsu Curry so this was an obvious choice and was really good, the combination of Sweet Soy and Spicy Mayo was a great addition. Mrs Cool wasn't so keen on the Chicken Katsu and moaned it was generic.

Finally we went for something we had not seen before which as the Wasabi Prawns. We both love a bit of wasabi on sushi and this was the stand out dish for both of us. The prawns were perfectly cooked, plump and juicy and the wasabi mayo they were coated in was superb.

We both left The Muddler thinking it was a bit of a mixed bag. Some things were great but a few things let it down. The staff were really friendly but service was really slow, our lunch took an hour in total and we were the first ones there which I think is a long time for lunch. A few of the dishes were forgettable but on the whole the food is good. The portions are perfect for a lunch meal, each dish is small but if you get a few each it's still a satisfying meal. The decor is 1920s inspired and is lovely - you feel as if you are dining somewhere special when you take your seats and Grey Street is a prime location.

We went during restaurant week so our meal was £38 which is pretty reasonable including two beers, however if you go when it isn't restaurant week it would've been around £47 which is on the expensive side for lunch.

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The Muddler | Newcastle | Lunch Review



  1. I tried to get booked in for Restaurant Week but it was chocker on an evening. Sounds like it still might worth be checking it out, I love dumplings too so they'll be on the hit list!

    1. Yeah definitely need to try the dumplings. it was pretty busy by the time we left and that was in the afternoon so worth booking well in advance.


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