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Sunday 20 May 2018

Where to look for style & grooming inspiration as a man in your 30s

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Panasonic has launched a brand new Panasonic Grooming YouTube Channel with their brand ambassador Rio Ferdinand. It's a place to head for up-to-date style, grooming and hair maintenance tips and actually pretty good.

Where to look for style & grooming inspiration as a man in your 30s

It got me thinking that watching videos like this on YouTube is pretty normal for us now but if you rewind 10-15 years, things were very different. Back in the early 00s, most of my style, grooming and style inspiration would probably come from Men's Magazines like Men's Health or even something like Nuts or Zoo. I'd probably be influenced by what Celebs were pictured wearing or how they'd styled their hair in paparazzi shots in the newspapers and that's about it. 

The men's style and grooming market seems to be a lot more prominent now and although I honestly can't remember the last time I picked up a Men's Lifestyle magazine (who has time to read a magazine anymore??), there are so many more places to gain style inspiration from these days. 

Netflix Binge Watching 

I swear binge-watching shows on Netflix is where I pick up a lot of my inspiration these days. I can't believe that watching the same people on screen for 12 hours straight doesn't have any kind of influence. Would I have bought a flat-cap if it wasn't for Peaky Blinders or rekindled my love of a sharp suit if it wasn't for Suits? I'm not sure......


I was forced to watch the Royal Wedding this week and the first place I headed to was Instagram to find out where Beckham's suit was from. Before Social Media we'd have to wait before these details were published in the papers but now, it's pretty much instant as most celebs will tag the brands they're wearing on their own accounts or in their Instagram stories. If you love a certain celeb's style, I'd definitely recommend tracking them down and giving them a follow on Insta. 


When you think of YouTube, you may think of kids watching toy unboxing videos but actually, it's a pretty male-dominated world. Men spend 44% more time on YouTube than women (source DigiDay) and I have to say, I don't think a day goes by where I don't tune in. Videos are instant, up-to-date and  a quick and easy way to find info you need. I love Rio Ferdinand's video featuring an introduction to Panasonic's new grooming channel and his role as brand ambassador below - entertaining, engaging, straight to the point and it holds your attention too. 

Blogs and Online Articles

I may not have the time or inclination to buy a magazine anymore but everyone has a spare 2 minutes in their day to quickly find an online blog or article to read about the latest trends. Check out this list of top Men's Fashion Blogs by Vuelio if you're looking for some inspiration and obviously, give my own blog a follow too ;-) 

What do you think? Where do you get your style inspiration & grooming tips from these days? 

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Where to look for style & grooming inspiration as a man in your 30s


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