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Monday 4 February 2019

The Cook House | Ouseburn | Sunday Lunch Review

The Cook House in Ouseburn has had a bit of a buzz around it since it opened. Beginning as a quirky eatery housed in a recycled shipping container it served some incredible food. Now they have upscaled to a bigger premises on Foundry Lane and they have lost none of what made it so special. There is a car park that is free on a Sunday just round the corner and there were plenty spaces when we went. You don't HAVE to book a table but Sundays are pretty popular so it's recommended you do. A few people were turned away when we were there as they were too busy.

The staff were really friendly and showed us to our table and took drinks order while we perused the menu. I need to make a special mention for our drinks I was driving so no booze for me and I've cut out pop for January so was worried that I might be left with just water. However they have some great soft drinks on the menu and Me and Mrs. Cool went for the Still Lemonade which is made in house and you can really tell, this was really good and so much better than Sprite or 7 Up.

We went for Sunday Lunch, they have a wide selection on the menu but we went for the Chicken Sharing Plate. This is a Whole Roast Chicken stuffed with Creme Fraiche & Lemon with Aioli, Roast Potatoes and Salad.

This whole meal was IN-CRED-IBILE! The Chicken was perfect, succulent and falling off the bone but with crispy skin and burnt ends to the wings (that's my favourite bit) it comes in the roasting dish and you carve it yourself also it has all the juices still in the tin for you to use as gravy. The Roasties were great too, they still had the skin on and were crispy and lush. Even the salad, which is sometimes just an after thought, was really good. Greens including Spinach and Pea Shoots with a really nice dressing as well as some seeds to add some extra texture. Finally the Aioli, you get a bowl full and My God is it good. I love Aioli and the bowl full was just about enough for us, it was great dipping the roasties in.

Me and Jack had a Chicken Leg and Wing with a slice of Breast each, Jack is such a carnivore and so funny when he is eating meat, He looks like a Medieval King when eating a chicken leg. Mrs. Cool and Harry had the rest of the Breast between them and we all shared the potatoes and salad (Heidi just had the veg as she is vegetarian). Our meal was £68 including tip which for 2 adults and 3 kids was a little expensive but if you were having the same meal between 4 adults it would still be more than enough food and the price would be pretty good. We were all pretty full so there was no room for dessert but we will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu I have my eye on the Lamb Sharing Plate next time.

Well, that's all for now.


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The Cook House | Ouseburn | Sunday Lunch Review



  1. I'm still really sad I never made it there when it was in its original container - why on earth didn't I get myself organised and get there? I had long enough!

    We've been for lunch on a Saturday but I think we'll be visiting for Sunday lunch after reading this - it looks incredible! You need to go back and have a dessert!

    1. I was having a spy at what the other tables were having and it all looks great. Can't wait to go back.


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