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Thursday 2 March 2017

Lego Batman Review

When the Lego Movie came out me and the kids all loved it (Mrs Cool not so much) and we still watch it regularly. We all love Batman too so when it was announced there would be a Lego Batman Spin off we were all excited.

You really need to be a fan of the LEGO style of humour to enjoy this movie as the silliness is pretty full on from start to finish but luckily my family are fond of the silliness. Batman is perfectly cliché as the brooding Dark Knight who doesn't need anyone's help and thinks he is perfectly happy in his angsty loneliness.

The Joker is getting tired of Batman not hating him as much as The Joker hates Batman and his plans are always failing as he gets help from the usual Gotham bad guy crew. So he comes up with a plan to get himself sent to the phantom zone so he can get the help of some new bad guys.

Batman, whilst distracted by the beautiful new Police commissioner Barbara Gordon, agrees to adopt an orphan and Dick/Robin is my favourite character in the film, he is so ridiculously positive about everything and is super happy that he has been adopted by the greatest orphan of all, Bruce Wayne.

The Joker returns from the phantom zone with a host of new baddies to help him with cameos from Voldermort, King Kong, The Gremlins and even some Daleks. Just when it looks like the bad guys win Batman realises he does need some help and the Bat-team unites in the form of Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Alfred (as the 1960's Batman) and together they manage to save Gotham.

This not a film for die hard Batman fans but it is definitely a film for die hard LEGO fans.

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