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Thursday 16 March 2017

Project Bond: Diamonds are Forever

"Good Evening, Mr. Bond."

As the Eon productions' James Bond Series entered the 1970's it was in disarray. The company had been taken to court over rights to intellectual property, the new star had proved to be difficult to work with and the last film had been a flop. They had to do something to get back on track and what they did was produce, in my opinion, one of the best film in the whole series, Diamonds Are Forever.

Sean Connery is back one last time to save the day (as well as the entire franchise). The film starts with Bond searching for Blofeld (this time played by Charles Gray) so he can get vengeance for the death of his wife in the last film. Bond searches all over the world and immediately you know it's classic Bond as there is innuendo right from the start and Connery brings back his trademark brutality. Bond finally tracks down his nemesis and kills him so he can now get on with his life and return to MI6. Shirley Bassey is also back once again to provide one of the most iconic themes in movie history.

When Bond is back at MI6 he is put on the case of some missing diamonds and heads to Amsterdam posing as a smuggler and meets Tiffany Case the 1st of a few Bond girls in this movie. The missing diamonds are also being pursued by assassins Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd who are killing anyone who has had any contact with the diamonds. These are not your average Bond villains as for starters they appear to be openly gay.

Bond heads to Las Vegas with the diamonds and of course heads to the casino where he meets the next Bond girl, Plenty O'Toole (who came up with these names, man!). After impressing her at the craps table Bond takes her back to his room but some gangster types are waiting to cock block him. But Bond does get his end away when it turns out they are working for Tiffany and she is waiting for Bond in his bed.

The diamonds lead Bond to a reclusive billionaire called Willard Whtye who own a casino in Vegas as well as some secret research companies, the diamonds are to be used on a laser (I know, right) which is going on a satellite. Bond makes his way through Vegas trying to get to Willard Whtye and after a lot of car chases finally ends up at the penthouse of Whyte's casino but it turns out Whyte is being held hostage by none other that Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

Blofeld has had more plastic surgery but has also made others have surgery to look like him and it was one of these duplicates that Bond killed at the start. Bond is incapacitated by Blofeld and he escapes again. Bond tracks down the real Willard Whyte and goes to rescue him but is met by two female bodyguards Bambi and Thumper (again with the names?!) Bond obviously wins and with the help a Whyte discovers Blofeld is on a converted oil rig in Baja California.

Blofeld plans to auction off the use the diamond laser to the highest bidder to destroy the rest of the worlds nuclear weapons. Bond with the help of Felix Leiter and the CIA arrive and ruin Blofeld's plans.

This film doesn't hit the heights of Goldfinger or Thunderball but it is still a solid picture and has everything you want from a classic Bond movie. Sean Connery proved again that he IS James Bond but this would be his swan song (at least until the rival James Bond production 'Never Say Never Again' in 1983. But let's not mention that).

Project Bond will return with Live and Let Die.

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  1. It's a classic movie and a good overview. Connery is, in my view, the best ever Bond.


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