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Thursday 9 March 2017

Logan: A review

It's been a long time (17 years!) since we started watching Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart as Wolverine and Professor X. For me it started before any of my kids were born, before I got married, even before I started dating the girl who would become my wife. It's a long time to be invested in these characters and this film is the perfect way to bring it to a close.

Most of the X-Men film have been great but the Wolverine spin offs are pretty meh! This is the Wolverine film we've been screaming out for for so long. The tone of this film is much darker than in previous X-Men films and is spot on. The film starts bleakly with a broken down Logan working as a limousine driver to pay for medicine for a 90 year old Professor X. Logan's powers aren't as strong as they were before and he has a few scars and it takes him longer to heal than it used to.

Professor X is also not as he used to be. He is a fragile shell of the man he once was and is no longer in full control of his powers. It's not explicitly said but it's hinted that when he lost control once before something terrible happened and thats why there are no other X-Men around.

Logan is helped by Caliban (Played by Stephen Merchant) an Albino mutant who can find other mutants. It turns out Professor X has been communicating with an 11 year old girl called Laura, who has escaped from a secret research facility and needs needs Logan's help. Mutants have been dying out and no mutant children have been born for years but this girl is one of a group of kids who have been genetically engineered since birth to be soldiers using mutant DNA. But when some mercenaries show up looking for her shit goes down.

The leader of the mercenaries is Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) a cybernetically enhanced soldier who is charismatic but sinister. He works for Dr Zander Rice (played by the brilliant Richard E Grant) who is in charge of the lab who created these new mutants.

Caliban is captured and tortured into helping the bad guys find the others after they escape. They're headed to a place called Eden where Laura will be reunited with some of the other new mutants who escaped with her. We find out that Laura has very similar powers to Logan even down to the adamantium claws and along the way Logan and Laura start to form a bond.

I won't go into what else happens but it is pretty damn good. The fight scenes are amazing, there are a few laughs and the dialogue between Logan and Professor X is heartfelt as the two actors have worked together for a long time just like their characters. The whole film is full of pathos as it pulls the audience to it's inevitable conclusion and provides closure to a story that has lasted longer than most relationships. The film isn't perfect but it's pretty damn close. Some of the deaths were a little overly gruesome and I felt they dropped a few extra f-bombs just to get a 15/R rating but that is my only criticism.

I do feel sad now that it's over as I really can't see anyone other than Hugh Jackman playing Logan/Wolverine but I fear the studio won't leave it long before rebooting this cash cow.

See you around, Bub.

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  1. I've never really been into the X-Men films but I really want to see this one!

    JH |

  2. I've not seen any X-men stuff will i still get it?

    1. If you have a basic understanding of who wolverine and professor x are then you'll probably still get it but may not enjoy it as much as a does hard x-men fan

  3. I'm interested to see this film. Thanks for a great review and no spoilers!


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