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Monday 20 March 2017

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 "The Other Side"

Things are tense and things are emotional. whilst not one of the best episodes this was a solid entry in this series progressing the story while not just being filler. Gregory is fearful for his position and trying to maintain control. It's been coming for a while but he will lose his grip soon and no doubt scuttle off the warn The Saviours. Maggie or Jesus (most likely Maggie) will take his place as leader of Hilltop. Simon, as ever, was brilliant and the highlight of the episode.

Maggie telling Daryl Glen's death wasn't his fault I think was massive for Daryl. He has been wracked with guilt for the entire series and now he has that closure he can now step up and become an integral part of the fight against The Saviours. The scenes with Sasha and Rosita were good too even if their plan was stupid but Sasha going it alone to save Rosita is even more stupid.

With only to episodes left of the season, will there be any more twists before the final battle?

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